Internationales Dampfschiff-Register
Steamboat Register

Editor: Max Kuhn, Interlaken. Schweiz/Switzerland

Verzeichnis der in Europa, Afrika, Australien/Neuseeland und Nordamerika
noch existierenden Dampfschiffe
List of Steamboats still existing in Europe, Africa, Australia/New Zealand and North America

Introduction (Abstract)

The number of steamboats existing today has decreased worldwide. For that reason the author attempted to compile a list of the steamers that are still existing. This list has published in 1995, and is continually updated by the editor. Nevertheless, the list is restricted to the steamers of Europe, Africa, Australia/New Zealand and North America. Moreover, only steamers (passenger steamers and work steamers) are listed, that are actually still in service today or that have chances to be taken back in service some day. On the other hand, the steamers which probably are definitively out of service, 1ike steamers which are stationary museum-boats, firmly moored functioning as restaurants or are nothing more than wrecks, are not listed.

Further the author decided not to list small steamboats – so-called steam-launches, which are built and used for privately sailing only.

The author of the present list strived for completeness and accuracy. Yet he didn't succeed in getting the latest information from every country and every boat. Also certain data from several boats is missing. Finally it is to say that there may be slight inaccuracies in the data of some steamers. The author is therefore grateful to any steamboat friends supplementary or corrective information. At this place he would like to thank all his steamboat friends in Switzerland and abroad who have assisted him in realizing his project by offering valuable information.


Einleitung (Deutsch) / Introduction (English)